Patent system of Bhārat

Madhan · May 16, 2021

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The course Patent System of India constructively designed for 1.5 hours to give an introductory overview on patent systems in Bhārat (That is India).

It is structured in 5 major lessons and 25 quizzes to give basic information on innovations and driving your innovative idea into successful patent registration.The Patent System of India course is aimed to enable you then become aware and efficient in filing patent applications.Becoming aware on sequential steps, techniques and strategies from the point of drafting to filing the complete application is where most the innovators are lagging. keeping that in mind, our instructor designed this introductory course to give a broader overview from multiple dimensions.

Madhan Chirumamilla worked with several R&D projects from idea to product development. He also made his carrier path in understanding to produce industrial, consumer and medical products. Having a innovative idea and technical knowledge in building efficient product is one side of the coin. furthermore, filing a patent and eventually making use of your patented product by several companies and generating wealth is another side.Codienter tries to show a light on these both and provide you such course.

Bharat is a land of arts, ideas and opportunities, also it’s a nation of young people with dynamic diversities. Understanding about patent systems and utilizing its maximum benefits for such growing countries are very much needed. Age eligibility for filing a patent is free, also the Patent System of India course in Codienter also free. Take is advantage and register for this course.

Best wishes for identifying challenges and generating your solutions.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking for a complete guidance about Indian patent system

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Posted 2 months ago
Simple and clear

Very well explained. Got motivated to register my ideas into patents. Thank you for the course.

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Posted 2 months ago
simple and subtle- nice presentation😊

Thank you for the wonderful presentation. This course really helps the amateur inventors who do not have any idea how to proceed with their inventions. Keep up the good work.

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Posted 3 months ago
patent filing

Nice presentation and covered all details related to patent filing

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Tejo Kiran
Posted 4 months ago
A perfect and detailed explanation of the patent system in BHARAT.

It was an awesome experience learning so many things about patent system in Bharat. I loved the professional and point to point detailed explanation. Thank you so much for your valuable information.

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Tarun Kumar
Posted 4 months ago
The teaching Style

Good one !

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Posted 4 months ago
Detailed information on how the patent system works in india

The best course on the patent system in India. Acquired the complete overview of the patenting process.

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