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We are proud to be a partner of the most reputed software companies such as ANSYS, PTC, LS-DYNA, nCode, Motor-CAD, Rocky DEM, FunctionBay, Ingeciber, etc. Advanced Technology Joint Stock Company (Advantech, Jsc.) has provided software and solutions for CAE engineering simulation, Product Lifecycle Management (PDM/PLM), and Business Management System (BMS) for 15 years. Advantech, Jsc. also provides training, consulting, design, calculation, and engineering simulation services tailoring to customer needs. Providing software and technical support services to help customers effectively exploit the CAD/CAM/CAE, PDM/PLM, and IoT software series. Consulting and training – technology transferring in the field of CAD/CAM/CAE software, PDM/PLM and IoT, applied informatics, new materials, numerical methods… Implementing 2D/3D modeling related works: consulting, design, simulation, and computation upon request of the customer. Developing specialized software solutions integrated on the platform of the general-purpose software based on customer’s needs. Consulting and training-technology transferring on simulation/management software and business management. In order to become a leading technology corporation in the field of CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM/PLM/IoT software in Vietnam and in ASEAN, Advantech, Jsc. is oriented towards sustainable development based on the platform that a harmonious combination of professionalism, creative dynamism, and teamwork of each member. Advantech, Jsc. commitment to bring the highest efficiency to customers through providing the most advanced products and services, ensuring quality, on time with reasonable prices.

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