CAD Customization using SolidWorks API & C#

CAD Customization using SolidWorks API & C#
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About the Course

Programming in C#

• Introduction to .Net Architecture
• Concept of Object Oriented Programming System
• Structure of C# program
• Data Types and Variables
• Operators
• Debugging Techniques
• Classes and Interface
• Loops and Condition Statements
• Functions and Operator Overloading
• Exception Handling
• Working with File System Object
• Working with XML

SolidWorks API Programming

• Connecting and Disconnecting to CAD
• Types Arguments and Parameters of API Calls
• First API Program
• Understanding object Modal
• Open /Save/Close files
• Create/Edit/Delete Sketches
• Create/Edit/Delete Dimensions
• Sketch Relations ,Mirror and Pattern
• Create/Edit/Delete Features
• Working with Configurations
• Activate Documents
• Accessing Selection manager
• Counting Objects Selected
• Getting selected objects
• Getting Feature Type Name
• Accessing Object Definitions
• Handling Rollback bar in FM Tree
• Selecting feature by position
• Selecting feature by name
• Suppress/ Un-Suppress Features , Components
• Selection and Traversal Techniques
• Traversing Feature Manger
• Traversing Components
• Face/Edge Traversal
• Set/Get Face and Edge ID’s
• Insert/Delete Components
• Mirror/Pattern Components
• Explode
• Custom and File Properties
• Working with Mates
• Create/Position/Delete Drawing Views
• Creating a Standalone.EXE projects

Advanced Programming with APIs

• Working DLL Projects – Creating Add-ins
• Debugging a DLL Program
• Creating Menus and Toolbars
• Creating Property Manager Page
• Macro Feature

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